Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Journey

Well butter me buns and cover them in 100's and 1000's, it is finally the day we pack our bags and have 1 more sleep before KB and I head off to Adelaide.

Yep! Adelaide the city of churches.
Why they call it that I don't know. As far as I can remember there is St Francis Xavier near the centre of town and St Peter's near Adelaide Oval.
Oh bugga!
I just did a search and found a list of Adelaide's churches. follow that link if you are that desperate to know.

Today is also the day that our dog (of eternal stench) Coco La Belle heads off on her holiday to  the kennels a place called Pinky's.
To be honest this place was the best one we had seen. There are so many dodgy kennels out there. We were given a quick tour and they answered all our questions without hesitation. We asked about grooming as Coco is very reluctant to get clipped and they seemed quite confident that all would be fine. So a short back and sides for you Coco!
I know KB will miss her a lot.
That bundle of mischief has been through everything with KB.

We intend to take heaps of pictures and hope to post daily so we can share with you our journey.

Oh well I better head off and get ready for the morning exercise.
Catch Ya!

To be continued HERE

Whitesnakes do it better ...............  just 1 more more lap mate!

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