Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy As!

This honeymoon lark is easy as!
Especially when you have a truly beautiful diamond by your side.
Today was another great day. The weather has been outstanding.
We got up and decided to wander along the beach front which is beautiful.
Stopped at the pub for a drink and 5 games of keno and we or I will be going back on Saturday. We sit, drink and watch the world go by.

We walked along the jetty/pier and took a look back. The fresh sea air is invigorating and takes your mind away from the troubles in our head. (Not that we had any troubles. Just saying!)
It was great to see dogs frolicking in the sand and running into the ocean, quickly running to shore as each wave came crashing in. I even had a wee paddle, allowing my toes to sink into the sand as the freezing cold mountainous seas smashed into my chicken little legs.

Back at the motel it was chill time as lunch was prepared. Creamy danish blue spread on a fresh panni roll layered with pastrami serrano ham and a touch of pheasant pate. Washed down of course with a nice cold beer. Yes people I once more forgot to take a picture.

My nephew Tim and his wife Lauren will not be at the Midway Tavern on Friday when KB and I will endeavour to catch up with family and friends so my brother Isaac organised a roast dinner for us all at his place. What a wonderful evening it was, roast veggies, roast silverside and no gravy!

Back at the motel we relaxed, cleaned up and headed to bed.
Another wonderful day complete and a Friday with friends and family to come.


You all take care and stay happy.
Whitesnake n KB xx

To be continued HERE

Whitesnakes do it better .......  where the only wind comes out of your butt!
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