Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adelaide Welcomes KB and Whitesnake

Well now we made it safely to Adelaide on an Air New Zealand flight that was pretty good. My only complaint about the flight was the seating was very tight. It seems to me they have tried to ram a few extra seats on the plane. Other than that the trip was fine.
We started our journey at about 5:30am. Our neighbour Cameron, offered to take us to the airport which we are/were extremely grateful for as it was cold, wet and windy. Cameron and his wife Rachel have hearing disability so no radio or music on the way to the airport. Just sit in silence!
Makes one appreciate what we have aye!

Check in was no problems and arrival was as smooth as silk but, they have done up the airport and the line to catch a cab was long and I mean long. Not a cab in sight and 20 thousand people waiting in line. We caught the bus. $3AUD each for a trip to Glenelg a short walk to the motel and all was right with the world.

Fortunately our room was ready when we booked in so double bonus. KB was hungry so we freshened up and head to the main street approximately 2 Min's away. The main street has almost every eatery imaginable. My darling wife was famished so wanted something quick. We did look over at McDonald's but nah! We settled for a pub/bar that I had not been in.
One lasagna, one steak medium rare and a few drinks we were full. Now off to the supermarket for supplies then the liquor store/bottle shop for the essentials then back to the motel and collapse!

Our biggest obstacle so far has been the time difference. Obviously, a night of tossing and turning the night before didn't help the jet lag. Still, we are together and it is good to be here with KB although my beautiful wife did get a touch of sunburn in the time we were out. Sensitive skin me thinks!

Well I better try getting a bit more shut eye as tomorrow is another day and a trip into town could be on the cards meaning more pictures.

OK peeps, take care and be happy.

Whitesnake n KB xx

To be continued HERE

Whitesnakes do it better .......... on the beach!
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