Monday, October 29, 2012

Gay and Lesbian Abandon

It appears that all over the world the right to same sex marriage is the major concern for those with little to do but whine and moan. I find it extremely disgusting that (so called) religious groups both Christians and Muslims have nothing better to do than degrade other human beings purely because certain folks don't follow certain folks beliefs.

How DARE these religious hypocrites try to force their ideology on others! Who gives them the right to judge others? How can they even call themselves believers of anything remotely religious.

To even suggest that any government would lose votes simply because they endorse/vote for the marriage of same sex couples then it is those deviate people that need to take a good look at their own priorities in life!

Tax, Education, Health are far more important in the larger scheme of things!
I just don't understand nor will ever find any justification for any one or group to force their ideals and beliefs onto others.

It is quite absurd that a group of people who believe in a God who they cannot prove exists yet they  express a total commitment to. These people are mentally unstable and should be locked away in a glass cabinet that has a sign that reads "Break open when their GOD appears".

Gay Marriage like any marriage is not a privilege it is a GOD DAMN human right!

Whitesnakes do it better .... when ya spit in the face of god botherers!
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