Sunday, September 30, 2012

Religous and Nazi Gobbly Goop!

I recently watched a program on the Nuremberg Trials and directly afterwards a program on Galileo  who was being persecuted by the church for theorising that the earth moves round the sun not the other way round.

In the first program the content was about a doctor who was trying to understand why these Nazi's did what they did and had little or no remorse nor did the accept responsibilty for their actions
The poor doctor shook his head and could not come up with a sensible explanation other than these men were a special breed and thank god they are now all going to be punished for their crimes..........

Enter the Roman Inquisition!

Mr Galileo is it true that you have a theory that the sun is actually stable and that the earth that we live in and MADE BY GOD moves around it.


So Mr Galileo you are a blasphemer who tinkers with the church's divine and GOD given teachings!

No! I just a say that the big brighter sun stays a still and our earth she move a round the sun. I thinker that this is a possible a.

So Galileo is taken away and retrained in how to think and life goes on.

Hang on a minute, haven't the religous nutters being doing this thing for years? Are there not fanatical Muslims with nothing better to do than stir up trouble and controversy causing violent acts against humanity.
What about the Crusades the Spanish Inquisition and all the other atrocities done my humans against humanity?
They do all this in the name of some being who wishes to remain hidden and mostly anonymous and who doesn't even have a name.

How about we get a group of people together who would hunt out all the heads of religious organisations and bring them to a place where they will have a trial for atrocities against humanity through out the ages?
We could then hold court and hold them responsible for all the deaths of innocents over the years since man first started on this earth. (An earth bt the way that actually does move round the sun.!)
Of course the trial would have to a fair one or would it?
They would not be able to produce the one think that they will claim made them who they are and do what they have done and that is their leader, their Allah, their God.
(While we are doing this the world could have a few years of peace and quiet from god botherers!)

They of course will defend themselves by saying that they believe what they have done or are doing is justified. That they were only following orders. It would be purely their point of view, their belief but who says what is right? A view point makes no difference to control freaks

The horror of the Nazi era is not new it is just different from what we humans have been doing since our beginnings and we are still doing it today.
We have learnt nothing from our past except to do it more efficiently with more pizazz and sometimes we have hidden it better than ever.
That is a sad legacy!

Whitesnakes do it better ........... when you think about it!

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