Thursday, September 13, 2012

Maori Chant "Show Me The Money!"

It appears that this beautiful country of New Zealand is going to the dogs!
(That being an insult to the dogs)

Firstly we have a water rights battle.
Put simply the government wants to sell some assets that have something to do with water and the Maori people want to have their hand out to collect some revenue because it is their water and when any of their elements is used for commercial use they want a cut.

Secondly we now have a possible wind rights claim!
Put simply once more, the government maybe will sell some asset that may have wind turbines and Maori want a cut from the commercial use.

All of this is causing unrest and quite honestly is getting way out of hand. It won't be long before we'll be back to the good old days of living in huts and caves.
It irks me no end that Maori continually whinge and complain about the treatment they receive and the benefits they don't get. Read this article from one of the Maori politicians Hone Harawira there is plenty to argue with in that piece.

If we want the truth Maori are visitors from else where who came here and settled in.
There where other people here, the Moriori whom the Maori people found and proceeded to wipe out and even eat them. So they actually have no entitlement to anything!

I understand that people from all walks of life have beliefs and mine is that the water, wind  and fire are for everyone to share. Do I now get to claim a cut?
If their so called water/wind causes damage to property or takes a life will they take responsibility and compensate?

These claims being made are not about beliefs but all about money. If it were not about money why ask for a cut why not ask for just a say?
Maori will bleed this country dry with their lack of accountability for their actions that could send the country back into the dark ages.
Like so many other countries New Zealand and its people are a victim of its own good natured and caring attitude. Sooner rather than later the government has to put a stop to the continual granting of rights to claims that are clearly false.

I believe that not all Maori are as foolish as those that are pushing all these claims and I am certain that not all Maori will benefit if these claims for money come to life.
It kind of reminds one of all those religions and other organisations who have all the money and grandeur, argue for this and that but ultimately it is those that struggle that will give the most but get the least.

Whitesnakes do it better ..... To fart or not to fart that is the question? I may have to pay tax!
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