Friday, August 3, 2012

When I grow old

When I’m old and       I’m wrinkly, I shall not live alone
In a pensioner’s flat or an old       people’s home,
Or take an apartment on some distant shore.
I’ll move       in with my son and my daughter-in-law.
I’ll return all the joy that my       son gave to me
When he sat as a child on his dear mother’s knee.
He       will welcome me willingly into his home
When I’m old and I’m wrinkly       and all on my own.
I’ll spill coffee on the carpet, leave marks on the       wall,
I’ll stagger home drunk and be sick in the hall.
I’ll sing       really loudly and slam every door,
When I live with my son and my       daughter-in-law.
I’ll rise from my bed in the late afternoon
Throw       the sheets on the floor and mess up my room.
I’ll play ear-splitting       music well into the night,
Go down for a snack and leave on every       light.
I’ll rest my old feet on the new leather chairs,
I’ll drape       dirty underwear all down the stairs,
I’ll talk to my friends for hours       on the ‘phone
When I live with my son in his lovely new home.
I’ll       come in from the garden with mud on my shoes,
Flop on the settee for my       afternoon snooze,
Expect that my tea will be ready by four
When I       live with my son and my daughter-in-law.
I’ll leave all the dishes       piled up in the sink
And invite all my noisy friends round for a       drink,
I’ll grumble and mumble, I’ll complain and I’ll moan
When I’m       old and I’m wrinkly and all on my own.
I’ll watch television hour after       hour,
I’ll not flush the toilet or wash out the shower.
Oh, bliss,       what a future for me is in store
When I move in with my son and my       daughter-in-law

Whitesnakes do it better ................. Or so they say!
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