Monday, April 9, 2012

Whitesnake trying to keep up

Is there a Dr. in the house?

Well people it has been some time since I have written seriously and  life at the moment is and has been hectic, hence as writers, we go missing in action.

I changed jobs because of workplace bullying and am finding the new job great but different. Whilst I had time between jobs KB and I discussed several things from soulmates and the barriers through to , good communication within relationships and what was better a healthier vegan or non vegan.
Most of the above links are an attempt to sell out and become more serious about writing.

KB's old house is up for sale and of course the stresses and strains of wanting it sold and being able to move on have taken their toll.
So, when one feels a tad off colour we creative people write about what we are feeling like anxiety and social phobias or dealing with stress. Of course with those two comes difficulty in sleeping which then leads on to using oils and candles called aromatherapy and its benefits.

KB reads quite a bit to help relieve stress and has a regular shot at Tuesdays Teasers naturally my  KB's Teaser is usually a good one and the comments left by one, "Great Whitesnake" are astoundingly on point!

Of course a post update would not be complete without some comic relief or a bit of martial guidance would it?
We must always attempt to feed the masses with a quick and easy meal to knock up Mussels in Garlic and White Wine Sauce perhaps?
Well thats the update so far.
Plenty for you to have a browse through have a safe and happy Easter.

Whitesnakes do it better ...when ya hop to it!
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