Sunday, April 15, 2012

American Idol (the viewers viewpoint)

THIS is American Idol err it would appear something is wrong and the wheels are starting to fall off!
THIS is Whitesnake standing in for Ryan Seacrest and THIS is my take on American Idol !

"AMERICA got it wrong!" So says Randy (I know everyone in the music business ) Jackson

No they didn't Mr J.
There are 3 scenarios : 1) The whole thing is a farce and was set up!
                                       2) America voted in a popularity contest!
                                       3) America decided that Jessica Sanchez was not as good as the others!

The last two, one would hope were the correct thought process of America. Although number one can't be discounted as it has been known that some people would stoop that low.
Here are my thoughts on the contestants so far.

Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong song and got caught out. From my view point she wasn't the worst on the night but since her brilliant version of Whitney Houstons "I will  always love you"  she has just become a karaoke singer. The girl needs to do something big. In with a chance.

Elise Testone probaly had her best performance so far, yet still found herself in the bottom 3. Her biggest problem is finding the right songs to suit her voice and the ones that do she probaly wouldn't like so the connection to the song goes missing on stage and it shows. Sorry but not my top 3.

Joshua Ledet who ever dressed the young man in that white jacket with a pink shirt should be taken out the back and shot. Give me a break I wanted to throw up so the song never got a look in. What were they thinking? There isn't one performance that stands out so I think his end is near in this competion.

Phillip Phillips has 2 performance that stand out. Phil Collins "In the air tonight." and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" As you can tell from both performances there are similarities and as each week we are getting the same old same old. The voice is uniquie but style is ok but dare I say it?
THIS is NOT American Idol material.

Hollie Cavanagh I am not sure where this young lady fits. She seems to be all over the place and just can not find her niche. Her version of "What a feeling" by Irene Cara was where I thought she would have gone home. Not long before this one gets voted out.

Skylar Laine Nothing beats the sound of a southern accent and for this young lady she will go far even if she doesn't make it as number one. Her version of Kellie (Never heard of her) Picklers song
"Didn't know how much I loved you" was very good. This lass will be up there so long as she can bring it every week. Do the public want another country Idol?

Colton Dixon This guy is my tip to win. Every week he takes a song and makes it his own without detracting from the original. We lovers of music cringed when we heard that some young guy is going to sing Cyndi Laupers "Time after Time" but credit where credit is due he did a great job and has done so with all of his efforts. He may be his own worst enemy when it comes to the final as God may forgive but the public don't.

Now for the Judges.

 Randy (whatever happened to Yoah dog?) Jackson  I had no idea that Mr J knew every one in the music business. Ain't he just the ultimate name dropper? Mr J comes up with some great comments and advice but I think he needs to be more open and stop leaning towards his need for this or that. (Listen to the show when he comments. We need this we don't want that.)
No matter what I don't like about Mr J, I have a lot of respect for the mans comments and his abilities and think the show wouldn't be the same without him.

Jennifer Lopez Unlike alot of guys I never had the hots for her, however I certianly think that now as age has taken hold she is at her peak. Out of all the women that I have seen on these kind of shows I honestly believe she is and will remain the best at it. Oh no I now have Goosies!

Steven Tyler I started getting more interested in Idol since the Sweet Emotion arrived. I have loved his comments but feel that he has mellowed when it comes to saying what he really thinks. Still,I always listen and hopefully learn. Hoping he is going to stay on the program for awhile longer.

After all of that there is the old saying thet there is really only ONE star in any show and that star on Idol would have to be Ryan Seacrest. The man is the ultimate professional and has the respect and admiration of millions of people all around the globe.

So Ryan,
THIS is my rap on American Idol so far!

Whitesnakes do it better ......  When THIS is Whitesnake standing in for Ryan Seacrest!
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