Sunday, March 4, 2012

You may PANIC Here

intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness and finally death

One thing that annoys me is the lack of understanding about people who suffer panic/anxiety attacks. the other thing that annoys me is some of the remedies one is asked to do whilst having said attack..
Everyone has attacks it is just that most people deal with them better than others.

I suffer from them constantly but have become that use to them that by the time I realise what is happening the technique's that I am suppose to use have little or no effect. When I say no effect they actually make them worse. You panic because you are panicking about not being able to lower the levels of anxiety thus increasing your levels to astronomical levels. The best thing to do in these circumstances is take a sleeping pill and go to bed in the comfort and safety of your own home.
This of course is not practicable is it? You can't just walk out of work or leave the full shopping trolley. What happens if you are on a plane, ship, train or bus?
You have to soak it all up and take it like a man/woman and it will pass. Or will it?

Unfortunately it doesn't pass! Oh sure you get over the lack of flight experience but in the safety of your own home you start the process of stopping yourself from living.

The mind is a wondrous thing; however it can also be very destructive by implanting ridiculous thoughts and ideas into your head. Oh my god I am having a heart attack, I can't breathe, the whole world can see me, I can't do this or that, everyone hates me or is looking and thinking evil thoughts.

I am not sure what exactly causes each of us to have varying degrees of anxiety but what I do know is that my up bringing, religion, education system and certain workplaces have a lot to answer for.
My fathers use of his religious beliefs to his own advantage. My mothers inability to fight back. The Church's (and this applies to all of them) manipulation of scriptures and texts, its use of statues and ornaments to argue its case and then make the threats of eternal damnation or the sexual gratification of 10 to 100 vestal virgins if you do this or don't do that.
Workplace and schools that condemn certain practices like bullying/harassment, yet when push becomes shove they are all just talk and it is the victim that suffers the most.

In my workplace I have been bullied and the very people who were suppose to help me were the actual perpetrator's of the bullying and the outsider they brought in actually is well known as a consultant for training within the company. Worst still one of the said perp's was the HR manager.

The answers to assisting anyone who's suffers from panic/anxiety attacks is to listen and learn and reminding them of positive things.
Take a good look at the world around you and listen to the talk. In the shopping centres people rushing and pushing and shoving, going about their business without a care for whom they effect. On the roads we now have road rage. Nobody cares and those that do have to suck it all up. This is the build up to mass panic. We all need an outlet for all this rage an anger that has been thrown at us.

If I could have just one wish it would have to be a good one!

Whitesnakes do it better ................. When ya calm and relaxed.


KB said...

Well said love. Now pass the valium xxxx

© Westlander Poetry said...

I know others who suffer from anxiety attacks & there needs to be more understanding and support for this. Well stated Whitesnake!

Anonymous said...

bullying and anxiety are horrible. i used to experience it at work too. but now, i see those you suffer even more than we can imagine -

if i could have just one wish

Rinkly Rimes said...

I've been anxious....who hasn't......but I've never had a panic attack. It must be ghastly for the sufferer and I do hope you have less of them as time goes by. I'm heading for some facial surgery, so I'm frequently anxious and wakeful so I do understand a little how you're feeling.


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