Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Day One People

One people? Yeah Right..... Pass the Tui's

Almost every country has a day when they celebrate the birth and the ongoing achievements of the wonderful land they live in. Almost everyone except New Zealand. We have Waitangi Day which is recognised as a New Zealand national day.
As each year passes this day is becoming less of a celebration for all but rather a slagging match for  penises with ears who have no respect for themselves, their race nor and more importantly others.
Signs reading "Honor the Treaty" are an embarrassment. Times change and so do people. there is nothing to honor and besides will the Maori people accept responsibility for what their ancestors did and pay compensation? It's the same old same old.
Do not as Lord Bledisloe did back in 1934 think that Maori are indigenous to New Zealand. They came here via South East Asia and the Cook Islands some 1000 years ago.
It all depends on who or what you believe.
Mori-Ori where the first here once again depends on what you believe and what you read. I did read that both peoples were here roughly at the same time however the article is from a personal website and like I stated before I could find links for both arguments.
Mori Ori basically were here first living on Islands off the mainland and were eventually wiped out by Maori tribes Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama .
All of this is all fine and dandy but my point is that the Maori people came here and settled in and then went about searching for new territory's to inhabit and in the process murdered an entire race of people who were peaceful.
In the present day some Maori are making demands and complaining about anything and everything. They want their heritage to be recognised. Of course there has to be land given back and compensation and let us not forget an apology.

An article in the national paper by a Mr Paul Holmes is what raised my attention and got me thinking that I am not alone in my thoughts. Some of the comments both for and against the articles content certainly add validity to the feeling of the general public and my feeling that those Maori that are slagging off should be put back in their place to prevent all Maori being tard with the same brush.
A few days later the same paper reported  Mr Hono Harawira's response. This man had been part of the Maori Party but after a dispute he now has his own Mana Party .
Please do check out the links and make up your own mind.
I actually think that although Waitangi day is important it does nothing to bring together a nation like Australia day or Independence day does for its respective countries.
It brings ill feelings that should have been put aside ages ago. You can't move forward when you continually live in the past.
This land is every ones land, this earth is every ones earth and we should all take responsibility.
We should have a New Zealand Day that marks the achievements that has made this nation what it is today, that brings together its people and makes us all proud to be here and to live here.

Until we rid ourselves of those that insist that we have Maori this and/or a Whitey that, we will never be one nation and never be a united people.
The Maori people Once were Warriors they now have to bring the people into the 21st century not forgetting we are all in this together.

For those that are interested The treaty of Waitangi English Translation

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