Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stolen Kiss

“You’re Evil!” she shouts at him.
“Flirting with all those women how could you?”
He stands there some what bewildered by her words.
“Don’t even try to explain! I am tired and angry and I HATE YOU!”
Those are the last words he hears as she turns and runs away.
"Where to now?" he thinks.
He has no opportunity to explain. He has no recourse to follow.
He is felt alone to feel the pain.
There are explanations that she will not hear. There are reasons.
Alas she will not hear them.
It is not the first time he has had heard such ranting.
The women had approached him and one had stolen a kiss on a dare.
Then woman who now had disappeared was no one he knew.
The differences between them are starting to appear and he is at a loss to find the answers.
He takes a deep breath and hopes her anger will pass and she will return.
It is he that must now wait and suffer torment.
A sleepless night a waits as the wind whistles through the trees on a night that has the chill of the dead.
Rain starts its journey to the dry earth, lightly at first then heavier.
The dark clouds form across the sky as the sun farewells this part of the world.
It is her doing that this night he must endure.
Come the dawn, will happiness and love be reborn?
It will surely be a long night.

Whitesnakes do it better .......with a goodnight kiss. When? NOW! xx
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