Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 46

The story starts HERE
King of Dreams
Harry N Down

I finally decide to get dress and luckily for me just in time as a red Toyota pulls up the driveway. 

Crystal looks stunning in her deep blue dress that hangs just above her knees.
Her hair tied back in a ponytail and how could I not notice her radiant smile.
“Hi Steve.” She waltzes past me giving me a quick flash of cleavage.

Whether deliberate or not I am not sure but believe me it was very pleasing to the lamps.
“Where is Kevin?” Crystal asks while making her way to the backyard.
“Err he had something’s to do at work. He will meet us at the pub later.”
“Would you like a drink?”  I ask as I get a beer from the fridge.
“A white wine would be nice hun.”
I pass Crystal her wine and sit down across from her.
I never really noticed how beautiful she is. Well I did but for some reason today she looks stunning. Ravishing even!

We sit and talk general chitchat then I bring out the laptop and start showing her the photos we took.
I find myself explaining things like one of those boring old tour guides.
I mentioned this to Crystal and she just laughed and told me it was ok and that I have always gone on like that.
“No more wine for you!” I state with no intent to follow through with the threat.
“In that case I’ll have a Baileys with milk!”

Her comeback is quick and lovable.
I actually got her the Baileys and milk.
In the kitchen, we both work well as a team to prepare a few nibbles to eat.
She makes a salmon canapé, which tastes awesome yet it is so simple.

I on the other hand knock up a couple of prawn cocktails that I only make on special occasions or for special people.
I guess this is a special occasion and Crystal is a special person.
We brush pass each other and as we do we gaze deeply into each other’s eyes wondering what the other is thinking.
I fumble with the prawns as she once more brushes past me.
“You ok?” She inquires resting her head on my shoulder. “Looks Yummy!”
“Err Yeah.” I smile at her and for some unknown reason kiss her forehead.
I hear her make a quite sound of contentment.

“Ok all done. Let’s eat!”
A short time later, we are both full and I let out an unexpected yawn.
“Whoops. Sorry” I am apologetic.
“You still tired babe? Go lie down and get some rest.” Crystal voice shows compassion and genuine concern.

“You’ll be no good to any one at the pub if you keep nodding off.” I could do with a snooze myself.”
“Come on. Bedtime for us.”
Crystal drags me off to the bedroom where she asks if we are sleeping on top of the bed or slipping into the bed.
Somewhat shocked at her forthright question I merely mumble “on top if you like.” Half question half statement.
“I think we had better sleep in bed.” She then strips off to her panties and slides between the sheets.
Looking over at me, she stares. “Are you joining me or what?”
“Yep! Err yep I am.”
Stripping off completely I slide into be and can feel her body against mine.
I turn over facing away from her she turns into me wrapping herself around me and kisses my back.
I cannot remember anything more as I drifted off to sleep.
The only reason I woke when I did was natures call.

I had my arm around Crystal’s body. My hand holding her breast.
I also had a semi hard on pressing against her butt.
I tried carefully to ease my way hand away from her breast and myself from the rest of her.
She must have been very tired as she hardly stirred.
I made sure she was covered up and left the bedroom.

To be continued .............................
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