Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 45

The story starts HERE

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

It really doesn’t take long before I am in front of the PC and checking my emails and sorting out the accounts.
We had actually spent considerably less than we thought we would.
Obviously cutting the journey short was a main reason but we didn’t even come close to using the slush fund set aside just in case. 
Kev didn’t take long to do the shopping.
I help put things away in silence.
Oddly, we both said nought.
“Right, now I’m stuffed! Didn’t realise travel knocks the stuffing outta ya!” Kev mentions to no one in particular.
“I know exactly what you mean mate. I am rooted!” I add.
The ringing of the phone breaks into the conversation.”

“Hi Steve how are you.”
“Tired and semi naked why?”
The laughter down the phone is Crystals.
“You always make me laugh. Was everything ok when you got home? I didn’t want to get too much shopping just the essentials. The booze was a different story cos I know what you guys like.”
Crystal always has to explain herself or should I say feels that she needs to explain.
“Everything was mickey mouse babe. How much do I owe ya?”
“We can work that out later.” She says then pauses.
“What you doing later” I ask.
“Nothing. Just hanging round home. Don’t have to work tonight so might just stay home and watch a movie or read a book.”
“Bugga that! How about ya get yaself into something comfy and come round here. Share the arvo with me and then I’ll take ya out for tea.”
“What about Kev?”
“Yeah he’s here and we are gonna head ta the pub for tea We can spend the day sharing our stories.” I state with some trepidation.
“Sounds fantastic. I would love too!”
“Ok see ya when ya get here.”
“Bye Steve.”
“Bye love.”

“That was Crystal.” I tell Kev.
“Ya pulling my leg?” Kev says with smile.
Oblivious to the comment I say yes.
There is a short pause then Kev leans over the kitchen counter.
“Right, I’m off. Gonna pop into work and catch up with a few mates. I’ll meet ya at the pub around 7 ok?”
“Yep no problem.” I reply.
Within about ten minutes, Kev is gone.
The house is now silent as I sit there staring aimlessly into space.

To be continued ..............................
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