Thursday, December 8, 2011


I really must stop leaving comments that not only confuse but give the impression that I may actually know what I am talking about.
I try every week, on my days off to visit those that have been kind enough to visit me. NOT always possible but I do try.
Those that know me well enough will know that my comments are geniune and given most times with tongue firmly in cheek.
To give you an idea and some explanation here is a classic.
The Mystical Teacher placed an entry at Carry On Tuesday (or COT for short)

I read it and was impressed, however reading some of the comments I was bemused by what they had to say. They actually came across as being away with the fairies.
There is a very clean crisp photo of a leaf that compliments the writing.
My comment was directed not oonly to the writer but mainly to the comments section.
My comment read:

Finally something short and sweet!
I like the simple style with the 4 12 narrative.
The 1st line captures beautifully your influence and the next 2 carry it further into a web of intrigue and adventure before finally finding the light.
Did you use a Cannon ELX with 20x zoom or the ONynx 350 with the tri-quarter?
Excellent job!

To appreciate the comment ya have to check out the post One Leaf

Good grief I have never laughed so much over a comment in ages. To just picture the look of disbelief, disgust, confusion or the total brush off keeps me smiling.
I suppose the other thing is ............ some might actually find it funny as well.
OMG wouldn't want that now would we?

Whitesnakes do it better ........ when he leaves a comment!
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