Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time is Here Again

It has been quite a year this year we have had earthquakes here and there tsunami in Japan, mass murders in Norway, Elections rigged and not rigged. We have had business shitting its big fat ass over the Greek and Italian economy let alone the world economy. Oh and throw in the USA's dramas (refer to the right honourable Mr J. Shott) and we have a year that is made of the same crap as last year.

Come Christmas time I look for the magic that it should bring. I want the joyous moments that encompass and are the essence of Christmas to be present where ever I go.

Alas, tis not to be.
Grumpy assholes every where I go.
Oh there are the concerts that last a minute or 10, the carol singers employed by panadol.
Where I work they play the same songs over and over again and the again and again!
Then there are the fireworks  that last 10 to 20 minutes and cost the taxpayer 1/2 a million dollars. Then there is the Charity's that come out of the wood work begging ya for money and playing on your good will at this festive time. Oh and they don't want the few coins ya have in ya pocket or purse OH NO! show em ya notes and let us start with a $20.
Of course there is the eventual present shopping ordeal when those that you feel the need to buy for don't know what they want and when you make up their mind for them they are not happy!

KB and I intend to spend Christmas time in seclusion.
Venturing out only if the need arises and it had better be a serious need!
There will be the usual outing to see her mum and dad, sister and her partner, the dreaded vegans
(they really aren't that bad KB's sister and partner I mean)
We may even venture out to one of our local sights to be surrounded by hundreds of screaming kids and obese, nonsensical parents who's sole endeavour is make as much noise as possible by constantly complaining about everything so as to spoil everybody's day out.

Seriously, we will be enjoying ourselves in the luxurious surroundings we call home; trying out different recipes that we have aquired via various followers to Simply Delish and generally thinking of what lay ahead of us.
So on that note a Very Merry Christmas to you all and may the New Year bring you whatever your heart desires just so long as it isn't a bad thing.
For those that do not indulge in the Christmas festivities ....... "IT SUCKS TO BE YOU!"

Whitesnakes do it better .............. when ya dreaming of a whitesnake err I mean xmas.

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