Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 44

The story starts HERE
King of Dreams
Harry N Down

There is a welcome home note on the table next to the mail. 

Dear boys,
Hope all is well and you had a great time.
I picked up groceries that I thought you might need so that you do not have to rush about.
Oh, I took the liberty of getting Brad to fill up your beer fridge and wine rack so you have a bill to settle with him.
He said no rush but you know what he is like.
I have missed you both so much.
Rest up and I will pop by in a couple of days or meet at the pub.
Love Crystal

“Gotta love the woman,” I say aloud.
“Yep she did a good job. Maybe we should hire her to do it every week.”
We both laugh.
“Gonna have a beer then bed mate.”
“Yep me too. Cheers.” 

To say I slept soundly would be an understatement.
We had arrived home on Monday and now it is Wednesday morning. Well, early afternoon anyway!
Nearly two days asleep. I cannot even remember going to the toilet although I must have done.
The shower was such a comfort. The hot water beating down, massaging my back. The foaming of soapsuds covering every part of me.
“Ya fancy a cuppa mate,” Kev asks popping his head into the bathroom.
“Yep! I’ll be right out.”
Rinsing off and towelling down I now feel half-human again.
A brush of the ivories and a gargle of mouthwash then the bathrobe quickly wrapped round this aging body of mine I finally head to the kitchen and that cuppa tea.

We sit outside and can hear the sound of the sea.
It is quite warm and it will only get hotter as we enter the Australian summer.
Being near the beach is a blessing as the evenings bring in a sea breeze that brings relief from the heat of the day.
“Pub for tea?” I ask Kev.
“Yep! I’ll wiz out and do some shopping later. Restock the pantry and fridge.”

“Ok mate. I’m just gonna hang around here and chill.”

To be continued .......................

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