Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 33

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King of Dreams
Harry N Down
Sandra and Sunni meet us at the door to the bar. Chetna’s mum gets along well with Sandra. Apparently, they have known each other for years. Hence, the flowers and chocolates were what Sandra had told Kev buy. Done like a dog’s dinner! That is how I felt.
The meal and the company were great. There was laughter and joyous moments. Chetna smiled politely yet remained ever so distant.
Shallini was the highlight. She ended up sitting between Chetna and I. Talking none stop to Chetna, who took to her like a duck to water. Towards me, Chetna was cold. Cold as ice! It was almost as if the more time we were there the colder she became. I did ask what was wrong but all I got was the word nothing or complete silence.
During a toilet break Kev asked me what was wrong. I told him I did not have a clue and frankly, I thought we should move on to the next stage of our trip.
Kev sighed. “You’re not having much luck are you?”
“Nope.” I say washing my hands and wiping them on the towel. Looking in the mirror and leaning on the sink. “Such is life eh?”
“Yeah mate! Such is life.”
“Steve. Did you give Chetna my note?” Shallini asks me.
I reach in my wallet and pull it out. “Here it is. You give it to her.” I tell Shallini.
She takes the note and gives me a hug before running over towards Chetna who is now standing with her mother having what appears to be an intense argument.
Shallini interrupts and gives Chetna her note. She smiles up at Chetna. She comes running back towards me. With a radiant look on her face. “Everything is going to work out Steve.” She smiles and nods her head. Then continues with her drawing.
I watch as Chetna puts the note in her pocket. She has not bothered to read it. Chetna’s mother comes to the table and tells me that Chetna has decided to go home. I start to stand up. Her mother puts her hand up. “I will deal with this,” she tells me. There is a look of determination on her face.
Kapil excuses himself and looks over at me as if asking what is going on. I just shrug my shoulders.
They leave.
Sunni brings Kev and me more beer. I start drinking mine. Kev asks what has been going on. I tell him what I know. “I think your right. We’ll head off as soon as we can eh?” Kev pats my back.
“Sorry mate.”
The rest of the night actually goes really well. Sandra, Chetna’s mum dance with Sunni, Kev and I. Kapil joins in and even Shallini has a turn at showing her dancing skills.
Topped up with food and drink we all decide to head off. Kapil takes us all but drops Chetnas mum off first. I get out and open her door. She looks at me without a word. “We’ll move on soon.” Is all I say to her. I give her a hug. She holds both my shoulders with her small frame. She looks deep into my eyes. “Don’t give up. I haven’t.”
“OH! Buy the way. HAVE YOU ever seen a grown man naked?”
She laughs as she disappears into the night and into her home.

To be continued .............................. HERE
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