Monday, July 4, 2011

Mondays Manic Moments (Health Issues)

It is amazing how when our lives change we do not realise the impact these changes have on us physically and mentally.
The change of jobs was a good move in most respects, however the physical side was and is having an impact on my health.
The previous job I would walk up and down the mall at least 3 times in an hour,.
Distance is approximately 1 kilometre multiply that by 12 hours gives us 36kms a day walking plus whatever else I did in the car parks etc.
The job I have now, started out as camera work and now ends up as a static. Static meaning little or no movement.
Now that is a drastic drop in excerise, so I have to adapt my lifestyle to suit and make time to excerise more.
The Running Man
This of course means changing my routine and somewhere along the line is the fact I have to make a few sacrifices.
It is all very well saying it, the doing it is the biggest problem!
So, the last few days I have walked after work and as soon as I wake up I go for a walk, providing it isn't time to go to work.
Of course there is the mental stress added in.
The previous position provided enough variety to keep the mind stimulated but this new job has now become stagnant and stale. Standing watching self-scan machines is not all it is cracked up to be, nor is it as exciting as it may seem especially when there is an 8hr shift involved.
Trying to find an answer to improving the mental strain is not easy and the 2 other guards  have expressed the same views using the word boring.
When one becomes bored the job at hand is not being done effectively.
At present I have no clear solutions.

I am probally lucky I have a creative personality that  invents ways to concentrate and keep the mind active when I am acting as a static guard.
Meeting, greeting customers and assisting them are the basics, however that can take be seen to distract you from your job.
It will be an on going thing for now but I am sure I will manage to improvise, overcome and adapt!
I usually do!

So over the next few weeks there will be a downturn in productivity on this blog but hopefully not for long.

Whitesnakes do it better ...when ya look after yaself!
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