Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Manic Moments (Ancient Gods)

Long before christianity and way before Zeus and the crew were Gods there were the Ancient Gods that even today we pray too but we never hear mention of their divinity.
Never mentioned because, we have forgotten and in todays world we don't believe in anything. Or do we?

I believe that unintentionally we actually believe in these Ancient Gods that our forfathers believed in so very long ago.
We do so without thought or consequense.

Who do we thank in times of crisis?
Who do we thank when things go well?
Who do we thank in times of injustice?
Who do we thank in times of good fortune?
Do we thank god?
Who do thank when the lights turn green and we are slow to head off as a car runs the red light in front of us?
We don't thank God we thank the old gods.
Yes we thank Fuck!
Fuck .........the Ancient God of good fortune!

There's that other Ancient God
"Holy Shit!" the God of disbelief..
As that car running the red light passes in front of you it's "Holy Shit I don't believe it!" but "Thank Fuck we took off slowly"

"Bollocks" The god of truth, who's name we shout when confronted with questions of truth, lies and treachery.
"Bollocks..I wasn't there." or  "It's all a load of Bollocks!"

Wank, the God of Guilt!
His young disciples the Wankers.
A few actually read this blog and leave anonymous comments!

Asshole, the God of Shame.
Most of us turn our back to him but most of us know this Gods relatives

These ancient gods are powerful. So powerful there names cannot be heard on TV till after 9pm. So powerful we dare not let children use their names.for the fear of the power they may unleash.

Next Sunday go to church, fill your lungs with beautiful fresh air and shout out the names of these ancient gods.
The vicar or priest will pause from his duties look across the church and tremble with fear and eventually throw you out of the church.
NOT because you've used rude words but because he knows exactly who he is up against!

The Ancient Gods we all believe in!

Whitesnakes do it better ..................... With an Ancient God by ya side
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