Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Feel Good (Music)

No matter who you are or where you live or what culture ya from, music is always apart of life.
Since time began music in its most primitive form has been on this earth.
From the wind howling through a vast canyon, the waves crashing against the rocks, the pitter patter of rain on to the earth it all is musical.

Music has helped me to become the person I am by bringing out emotions from sadness and bad forebodings to giving me happiness and strength to carry on with life and all the tests it brings.
It has been with me when I was in love and it was there when my heart was broken. Music has helped me brave death of loved ones and even those that I do not know. Music has brought together many people and shown the world its strength and its weakness.

The music I enjoy is not to everybody's taste and yours may not be to mine however if you have been to a concert, any concert and heard your favourite band/singer perform that special song and you feel the emotion of the crowd as the song starts up you will know what I am saying when I say that is a real feel good moment.
Best bit is, you are sharing it with thousands of other people.
Ain't that a feel good?

Whitesnakes do it better ........... SMOKE on the WATER....Fire in the sky!

Feel Good this week is MUSIC
What's yours?

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