Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturdays Layback (A Whitesnakes Ramble)

Knowledge is not wisdom!
I know a lot of things but it does not make me wise.
During my journey through life I have come across lots of many different cultures, different people, and different ways of life.
I am searching for my little spot in the universe. Where is it that I belong? What is it that I want? How do I achieve what I want? How do I get there? How will I get there? Can I get there?

The last couple of years have had a profound effect on me. Getting to know some of you has had an impact. Reaching out to some of you has enriched my life and made me aware of things that I never knew or had (in most cases) misunderstood. I have touched hearts and broken them. I have become older and probably more accepting of the world I live in and what it gives me. The world does not owe me anything. I owe the world nought.
Trying to ease the mind of all its worries is not easy. The mind is like an ocean. Full of so much. Trying to clear it is difficult, simply because we as a western society do not know how.

Clearing the mind means calming the waves of the ocean so that you can see into it. When the water is still one can see the bottom and look at the surroundings uninterrupted. Some call it meditation. Some call it relaxation. Some call it stupidity!
I am trying to understand myself. How can anyone understand me when I do not?

We all hide behind things. I hide behind laughter, jokes, stories and stupid acts. I hide behind the bottle sometimes. Yet I continually reach out to others lending a hand, words of advice and an open mind. I am searching to find me!

I struggle to find inner peace.

Meditation for me is very difficult. My mind is continually racing at a million miles an hour. Asking questions, seeking answers and coming up with conclusions. Trying to analyse everything that goes on in everything I do. What do I do if this or that happens. Working out which way to turn.
I think we all are like that.
I am a firm believer in the power of the mind.
Easy to understand the simplicity of it. When you’re having a bad day for example. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Why?
You expect it to go wrong. You find it easier to say “Well the day started off badly so I expected to catch all the red lights and be late.” It is just the mind justifying the “Why is this happening to me.”
Try putting that into a positive mindset.
Yeah I know, damn near impossible.” I just hope you are getting my point.

Things will not always go to plan. We have to change the way we think. We have to change a life time of being brain washed in certain areas.
We all have our own ideas on what is and what should be. Ever thought of changing them? Ever tried to look at things in a different light? From a different perspective?

For those that know me well enough will realise that some of the following comments are just about trying to raise a point. They are not necessarily my beliefs.

Hitler and his band of merry men massacred homosexuals and Jews. One could argue he was trying to do a good thing. Rid the world of HIV or some carriers. Jews abuse of children through circumsion. For every bad there is a good. Hitler stopped child abuse for a while and HIV.

Religious groups preaching that if you don’t do this or that you will rot in the pits of whatever. Or even worse preach “Thy shall not kill” but, if you go and blow up some white fellas ya will get 10 vestal virgins when ya reach never land. “Yeah Right!”

How the hell would they know?

OH! And how come the so called preachers don’t go out and do it themselves?
How many of you have gone blind from masturbating? The Catholic Church says ya will so ya better stop.

We are a loving and caring community. “Yeah Right!” So how come when there is a major disaster the news service (this could be anywhere in the world) says “200 people died in a plane crash today fortunately no New Zealanders were among the dead.”

What the? Are we happy that it was 200 others that got killed?

Asians and the opium trade. Yes we are now talking drugs. Drugs by association to an ethnic group. Over in the USA I guess it would be the Colombians and their cocaine.
Does that make all these people druggies or dealers?

I could talk about New Zealanders and sheep but that is a different story.
Now ya see?

I have drifted off on a different tangent. I had started this post wanting to convey my thoughts on meditation and have gone off half cocked on some fairy ride through the thoughts floating in my head. Some of you wonder where I am at. Geez I don’t even know sometimes.

In the last episode of Dr Who. Season 2007. The Master rears his head. For those that have followed the series since Nov 23rd 1963 you will know of his devious workings.

He speaks of the drumming in his head. The constant pounding. When will it stop?

That is what my mind is like on a constant level. I feel the consistent pressure to go over things time and time again, until I get it right.

I really need to stop it!

Photo by Treza Drewett
Hence I try to meditate. “Yeah Right!”

Find a nice quiet spot. Relax and listen to the sound of ya breathing. Let ya mind drift. Think of peaceful places. Water flowing, rivers streams. Forests and flowers.

The gentle warm summer breeze blowing against your body. Each muscle releasing its tenseness.


Here is what really happens!

Quiet spot? Phone rings, door bell goes off, visitors rock up, lawn mowers start up, trucks with motors that have never been serviced drive past. Cars tooting, children screaming.

Ever tried listening to ya own breathing?

Ya stop and then ya panic!

Mind Drift???? Ya start thinking about ya bills that ya didn’t pay or can’t afford. The jobs that need doing. Meals to prepare. Housework that you should be doing instead of laying or sitting here.

Water flowing? Forests and flowers?

Shit I need to go to the toilet! My nose starts irritating me and I sneeze. Hay fever symptoms appear out of the blue.

Warm breezes? All of a sudden a mozzie starts buzzing round you.

Muscles relaxed? You start getting itches you never had before.
How does one meditate with all those things going on?
My ex wife would say to me.
“Are you listening to me?”
I say “What? I wasn’t listening.”
My mind was else where.

Seriously though.

I think I got meditation (Not medication) right once.

I was trying to drift out of world and easy my worried mind when tears flowed. Not tears of sadness but just tears, like a release of emotion.

NO BASTARD! Told me meditation would include the water works being on full pelt!

Not even sure if it was supposed ta happen. It just did.

Said fuck all abou it in the instruction book that I haven’t got.
Oh well that is my lot for today. If you have made it this far thanks for reading and I hope you have a better understanding of Whitesnake.

You all have a great weekend and take care.

Whitesnakes do it better ...When you realise how far you have come and how far ya still have to go
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