Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday's Layback (Believing)

Once more Saturday enters the week and it is lay back time.
For me, I just can not spend enough time with KB but I soak up every moment I do get.
My love and inspiration.
Of course this may all sound soppy and kind of "I have heard all of this before" but repetition and never allowing things to fall into the "taken for granted" mode will always improve and nurture any relationship.

So I start by saying "KB...... I love you babe and thank you for everything you do xxxx"

Feel so much better now.

Ever let ya mind flow and dream of what we deem to be fantasies. You know the kind of thing, own ya home, go on around the world cruise, visit exotic places or have lots of money.
We have been watching a program where families decide to take a year off and do some thing completely different.
So far a family has sailed round the world on a catamaran another has travelled from Cape Town to Ethiopia (was suppose ta finish in Cairo) and the most recent was a woman and her daughter went through South Africa and Thailand working at different charity centres. They were suppose to go to India but decided to stop and head back to London.

It was interesting to see these families set off and the struggles they had. All of them were not very well prepared and had no back up plan. Each family had different issues that they never thought of and it seemed to me that their issues were blatantly obvious in the first place.
It does get hard to tell in this day and age what is real and what is not in these reality shows. Are these people really that stupid?

Anyway what this program did show us is that anything is  possible.
I have always been a positive person, unfortunately I was surrounded by negativity that continually sapped the positiveness. Now I have KB and slowly the optimist that once was is appearing once more.
All this is leading to a bucket list of sorts. A list of things to be achieved within a certain time frame.
Writing down a list of everything you would like with no limit on anything, especially cost.Then breaking it down into time frames eg: buy a home within next 12 months etc.
Then reassess after that time and adjusting things accordingly.

Believing is the most important part!

All you have to do is believe that what ever you want will happen, it will eventuate. Don't try to figure out the why or the how just believe.
Of course as we go about our daily lives we carry on striving for things in the ususal way, however we keep the belief that it is just around the corner, we start to envisage the life we want is real. It will happen soon enough.

Now, of course, we will have those who choose to ridicule and doubt but that is par for the course isn't it and there is a good chance that these unbelievers are the very people that believe in a God of some description. A God that they can neither prove nor disprove exsists, yet they believe and good on them I say.
Although, if all this believe stuff is a load of cods wallop then how many Christians and Muslims are not gonna be feeling the love when their turn comes?

Have a wonderful weekend peeps
Layback relax and dream ya dreams and may they all come true.

Whitesnakes do it better .............. with a dream to be had!
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