Monday, May 16, 2011

Mondays Manic Moments (Attack of the Health Freaks)

Contemplating getting healthy!
It seems to me that we have in this world a group of humans who for no particular reason known to man or beast want to become fanatics.
We have religious fanatics, sex fanatics,  animal rights fanatics, veggie fanatics, environmental fanatics, political fanatics and of course health fanatics.

While sitting having a quiet beer and looking at my somewhat pot belly I thought about getting fit and healthy.
You know those thoughts of, going to the gym, constantly watching what I eat, eating healthy food, exercise daily, lose some weight, work out to get a 6  pack stomach instead of a 6 pack beer you know those thoughts those kind of things.

I did say, I thought about it!

It lasted but a mere few minutes before I decided that if I were to follow that path I too would then become a fanatic. So my mind started to explain why health fanatic is not a good life to be leading.

Don't get me wrong, I eat well and healthy, (KB sees to that) I exercise regularly via walking and other stuff. and  I am not saying one shouldn't be healthy, I am saying I don't want to become fanatical about it.

You see fanatics are people who have suffered greatly in their life and this causes problems with their outlook on life and due to their failing mental state their behaviour becomes extreme and they then try to push their point across via any means. Always confrontational, always irrational, constantly annoying  and sometimes even violent

A point in case: Only a celibate, ONLY a celibate would come up with the withdrawal method of contraception. At the point of ejaculation withdraw. Ain't a herd of wild horses gonna make my arse go in the other direction. This is pure and simply a mentally unstable persons view point mainly due to the lack of sex.
A celibate can not have sex so tries to deny those that do their most intimate moment. There by justifying their stance on things.
Same applys to Vegans. Not suppose ta have anything to do with animal products yet everything we eat has been in some way shape or form been in contact with animals. They then come up with excuses.

Healthy nutters came up with jogging and then people started dying or were seriously injured due to jogging.
Joggers were mugged, raped and murdered. Who came up with "Jogging is healthy?"

Health nutters do strange things, they run in the streets in temperatures that no mortal with an ounce of sense would run in. They weigh not only themselves but also other things like food and stuff. they constantly count things, like calories and laps of the oval and heart rates. They use weird substances to enhance things such as muscles and penises. They wear clothes that no reasonable human would contemplate wearing.
They spends thousands of dollars on mineral water from a shop when tap water is available (what is the difference anyway.) They buy weird DVDs featuring scantly clad girls or scantly clad males. The males being the ones who haven't decided which side of the sexual fence they want to be on.

These people are constantly looking for ways to live longer and become stronger yet in the end they die from over exertion or as old age takes it's toll they look more haggard and flabby from all that sunshine, wind and rain they had been running in.
We then add in mother natures revenge, gravity, finally sagging the bits they tried for years to tone.

Nope, healthy lifestyle is fine but only in moderation.

Oh yummy yum yum!
Now off to KFC to get that double breasted chicken burger with bacon and cheese with 630 calories and quite a bit of fat content.

Knowing me I'll probably only eat the bacon and the skin!

Whitesnakes do it better ............................Fanatically!
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