Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coco La Belle

Coco La Belle
Totally Adorable.
My name, Coco, Coco La Belle!
I am a 6 year old female black cocker spaniel.
I am a dog NOT to mess with.
Known to bark at food.
I eat and sleep watching everyone and everything .................all of the time. (blonde comment)
I am very worldly.
I know intimate details of the backyard.
I have many hidden bones and chewy chewies that no one else knows about.
My most deadly weapon is gas. Silent yet deadly. Guaranteed to move people quickly.
Most alluring asset my bedroom eyes. ( they got me my man Greg!)
I have been know to steal hearts and break them.
People find me irresistible and struggle with the temptation to cuddle me.
My name, Coco, Coco La Belle!
Totally gorgeous!

Have a nice day!

Coco xx
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