Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 14

The story starts here

King of Dreams
Harry N Down

We learn as we go. We think we know people and we never really do. Lies, deception and deceit. It is not all bad there are moments when there is fun and laughter and love.

We sink a few more beers and then discuss our options. Do we spend some time in Japan or head off to India as soon as we can?
There is pain and heartache here. “Let’s do the raid on Delhi eh” I smile. Kev puts his arm around me. “You did good mate, you did good.”

The night moves in slowly. We start talking about what we will do in Delhi until we catch up with Chetna.
I stoke up the PC and check emails. I write a small epitaph for Koryuki on my blog then turning to Kev I ask. “You want to spend a couple of days in Tokyo?”

“Sounds good to me if you are up to it.”
“Might just moon the Emperors palace.” We both laugh at the thought. Two bare bums, brighter than the sun on a hot day lighting up the palace.
I place Koryuki’s letter in with my personal things. It is time to move on. There is nothing more to be gained from weeping.
Sleep comes swiftly. Dreams flow like the waves that crash against the rocks on a winter’s day. Some are sad some are happy but that is all they are dreams, just dreams.

All packed and ready to go we have breakfast and organise to be taken to the train station. Boarding the train. I do not even bother looking back. I am finished here. We take our seats and head off to the hustle and bustle Tokyo.

“Did you really mean it when you said you wanted to moon the Palace?” Kev mentions unexpectedly.
“No, it was just a thought that passed through my head at the time.” I smile looking as the countryside flashes by.

Tokyo is a massive city. It stretches for miles and miles. High-rise buildings and side streets, markets, department stores and people. Many people, rushing here and there.
I am glad when we get to hotel. Peace and quiet from the rat race that soaks this city.
Kev and I book into the Tobu and decide to eat out. We settle in our room, shower and change then head off. As we come out the front door, Kev cracks up laughing.
“That has got to take the cake mate. Vending Machines outside a posh hotel.”

In Japan, they do have vending machines every couple of miles. Normally in groups of three. Cigarettes, soft drinks and beer.

“You couldn’t have that in Australia? Could you? Some bastard would nick the bloody things. Pull up a trailer and car and tow the bloody things away.”
“See how we get ripped off mate. 200 yen here and 700 yen if we take the small can out of the fridge. Bloody cheeky buggas eh?”

Kev and I make our way to the food market, where everyone is competing for your business. We settle into a secluded place and eat the local tucker.
We ask where the nearest Karaoke bar is, they recommend a place around the corner. After we finish eating and pay the bill. The owner of the place offers to take us straight to the bar. Kev looks at me and I shrug my shoulders and just nod. Right now, all I want to do is have a good time.

To be continued .................................. here
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