Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 13

The story starts here

A Warriors Tale
Harry N Down

My Dearest Steve San,

I am so looking forward to your visit. I have told my mother and my friends and I am so excited.
I am not sure whether I will tell you in person so I write this.
I have always enjoyed our chats, I have always enjoyed our emails, and I have enjoyed having you in my life. You have made great difference on my life.
I have a secret that I have hidden from you. Because I am scared, you will not like me any more.
My work is that of a call girl. A whore or slut I think you call it.
I have given it up. I hope you will be pleased. I now have a job as a teller in a bank.
Money is not as good but you make me see things I not see before.
I hope you forgive me

Much Love Koryuki

As the water flows down my cheeks, I fold up the letter and tuck it into my pocket. I ask her mother if,
we can do anything. I look at Kev. He excuses himself and heads off outside, saying he needs some air.

I spend time with Koryuki’s mum and we laugh, cry, and hold hands remembering her daughter, as she would like to be remembered. I did ask what Koryuki did for a living before being a bank teller. Her mother did not know.
I was not about to tell her.
Kev returned handing me another envelope, which I past on to Koryuki’s mum. She bowed before opening it.

She opened it and sobbed.
“Mama San, Watashi wa, err ai shimas your musume.”
“It is the least we can do.” My Japanese not being the best.
After bidding our farewells, Kev and I catch a cab back to the hotel.
Upon reaching the room, I rush outside on to balcony and let out a scream.
A scream, Japan has never heard before!

Kev just lets things be. When I come inside, he hands me a beer and says nought.
Right now, it is as it should be.
“We are off to India next” I sniff a couple of times.
“You ok Steve?” A concerned Kev is not a good thing. “Yes mate I am fine and dandy!”

To be continued ....... here
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