Friday, April 22, 2011

Coco's Easter

It's mums birthday on MONDAY 25th April 2011 people!

I mention that because so many of mums adoring followers have thought they missed it and sent belated birthday wishes. They say that I don't read properly ha!

For those that don't know, Dad is doing mums birthday menu I will of course be assisting. I have naturally tasted dads cooking and yummy yummy yum!
Mum is very excited as sadly she has never experienced such an event. Her menu, her day, nothing to but enjoy, relax sip champers and wine with her mum and dad who will be attending.
The house is a happy place full of peace contentment and of course lots and lots of zee lerrrrrvvvvvvvvv!
Love for those that can't speak nor READ french!

For me the week has been all about trying to find ways to escape the family home (it keeps me amused and of course drives dad bonkers) mum on the other hand gets worried that I may get out and some one may run me over. Don't you just love mums?

I had my bed room and bed cleaned the other day. Had my big (It's all about ME!) day where I was pampered and cared for by mum. The bath was NOT one of her better choices!

Mum did a beautiful one shot the other day, I honestly needed a cuddle after reading it!
Dad of course has been working ALL week but now has 4 days off with me and mum yet even dad had time to do some stuff. He did a fantastic roast lamb and roasted pumpkin then throw in this fish finger recipe and wow I mean WOW the food here is brilliant!

I have actually been enjoying dads manic monday moments I especially love his shot at the veggie munchers as he calls them. dad really does get so passionate with his thoughts and ideas. Of course most is tongue in cheek but there are some werid people out there. You know the type.... the ones that don't READ posts properly and think they have missed MY MUMS birthday! GGGGRRRRRRRRRR!

"HEY DAD! Wrong Photo!"
Any ways, time for me to assist my dad with his jobs and prearing for MONDAY mums birthday.
You all have a great Easter. Drive carefully, don't want any cute doggies run over. Mum would be upset. Cats on the other hand............errrrrrrr never mind (Mum just gave me a nasty look.)

take care
Coco xx
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