Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch 6.3

Karen came to work to pick me up early.
We had the house all ready for my brothers return from Christchurch.

Pulling into the garage and lowering the door we talked about how we could best comfort Kirsten and Isaac after their encounter with an earthquake. The best thing we could do was just shut up and listen.

We opened the side door and there was Isaac with a beer in hand. Kirsten was sitting on the steps of the deck taking on the phone. Karen had left a note on the gate stating where she was and how we wouldn't be long.They were both safe "Shaken but not stirred!"

Although we are some distance away from it all, the sorrow one feels runs deep. You have a mixture of emotions that the media play on to get ratings. My beef with it all was how the media ranted and raved about some ass wipe American diplomat who no one knew, and whose part in life was to take up time and space on TV simply because he use to be a former wanker in government. It's OK he was found safe and well talking to a rival network about  how sorry he was. The NZ Herald has updates regularly. I am more interested in Mr and Mrs Smith whose house in no longer standing and wanting to know how they are going to cope.

For most of the night Kirsten and Isaac talked about their experience and Karen and I just listened.
A plane flying over head or a truck rumbling down the street made them feel uneasy.
What they have been through will never go away. I understand some of it but I believe you have to go through somethings to actually fully understand.

As Kirsten said "It all seems surreal!"

Kirsten cried, Isaac joked about their experience.
What should be said is that the support network was  fantastic. There are people out there who can't do enough for you. To get out they had to register their details and then went from Christchurch to Auckland.
In Wellington there were all sorts of people there to help. Doctors, counsellor's and anyone else you may have needed.

The place where they were staying when the earthquake hit was a Bed and Breakfast home. Kirsten sobbed as she recounted sitting on the couch shaking and windows buckling and swaying. The owners applogising for the earthquake spoiling there stay.

After a few hours Kirsten fell asleep sitting up,stirring at the slightest rumble the night amplified.
We all headed off to bed.
It had been a full on day and I awoke early because I felt I had to share this exerience.
If there is one thing I have learnt it is that for me, I have to write when something is eating away at me or troubling me.

I remember Christchurh from the holiday I took when the Whitesnake Cometh. It will never be the same.

Our thoughts now are to make Kirsten and Isaacs stay as comfortable as possible. Make there short stay with us laid back safe and secure.
We think of our friends in Christchurch Marja  (who we know is ok thanks to a memeber of her family) and all the other people who have to once again pick up the pieces and rebuild.

It is good to see and here about how everyone is supportive, caring and friendly.
Don't you wish that we didn't have to wait for a disaster to happen to be like that?

Whitesnakes do it better.............when shaken not stirred!
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