Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Post Of The Whitesnake

I come from a world that is full of life and enegry, yet it eludes me.
After much soul searching, after much inner struggling I have decided to close this blog down.

Writing comes and goes. Just like the life ya never know which path ya will follow till the time comes.
I was asked just recently what was or is my biggest regret, my answer was simple.

I have no real regrets. We all make mistakes and I have made some questionable choices but life is a learning experience.
I leave you with part of a story and I thank you all for your time, your friendship and your love.

"Avon? Why do we listen to these lies?"

Avon looks up and hears some of the villagers yelling and screaming abuse.
They do it from a distance. Out of reach from Trax's sword. Trax clenches his fist.

"You are responsible for everything that has happened."yells one man.

"Murderers! That's all you are!"shouts another.

"You have destroyed our lives with your fancy words and murderous ways."

Avon pays them no heed. "Come Seska, Trax."

Avon gets up and starts walking out the door.

"See the cowards leave. My daughter died because of you." The old mans words touch Avon's very heart and soul.

Trax draws his sword and turns towards the crowd.
Although some distance away the villagers still move back like sheep grouped into one.

"Trax! ....... NO! ........ Leave them be." Trax turns with a puzzled look on his face.

"They spread lies, they twist the truth, they make a mockery of what happened." Trax voice is raised and sounds desperate.
Avon place his hand on Traxs shoulder.

"Trax ....... Look at them, their angry words do not come from the heart. The words come from a sense of helplessness, of loss, of misunderstanding. Even if we did tell them, do you really think they would listen? They are blinded by their own need to lay blame."

Trax places his sword back in its scabbard, turns and storms out of the hall.

" It is never easy there is always pain. " Avon then turns and follows with Seska in toe.

Trax leads the way and is quick to get on his horse. Avon follows and reaches down for Seskas hand. With one swing of his arm he lifts her up and seats her behind him. With a quick kick the horses head off down the road.

Three bodies wrapped in cloth lay upon the a stack of wood. The wood stacked on a small boat.

Avon and Trax dismount. Seska remains on her fathers horse.

They work together without a word.
Pushing and pulling until the boat is now floating on the water.

Avon holds the boat as steady as he can while Trax lightsThe premade torch. Trax looks towards Avon.
Avon nods. Trax walks around the boat light the tinder that then ignites the wood. As the fire takes hold the both push the boat out to sea.
The tide takes its turn in taking the boat out further away.

The fire now well ablaze lights up the sky.

A tear is shed.

Trax and Avon waist deep in water watch as the fire burns fericously before finally the boat starts to sink.

They return to their horses and ride off.
Another journey awaits.

Whitesnakes do it better ................. One last time.
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