Friday, December 5, 2008

The Mission

The mission, should I choose to accept it.
Fly to NZ and enjoy a few days over there celebrating the mother in laws birthday (I think she said she was thirty something)
While over there check out accommodation and work possibilities.
Start planning for the future.

Let us not get too excited.
Workcover should be FINALLY settled upon my return although I have learnt that until it happens it ain’t a done deal.

As you are probably aware I am up early all packed and just spending some quiet time before heading off to the airport.
Becoming a regular little jet setter me aye.

If I had the funds I would actually do more travelling. Not that I am a tourist kind of person. I am more of a get to know the locals at the pub kind of person. I enjoy sitting with the REAL people and learning different things. Soaking in different cultures and tasting local food. Even traditional foods. You know the food that, when they tell you the ingredients you want to throw up kind of food. Haggis is a good example.
Black pudding is another. Why they call it a pudding is beyond my understanding.

I was reading somewhere how back in the olden days (1600-1800s) oysters and claret were a poor mans meal. How life has changed over time. Pigeons, Quail allsorts of poultry were staple things. Oh and throw in some bread and cheese. Yummy aye?

The produce over in NZ is fresh. You can take a blind man shopping and he would be able to shop purely on smell. Me, I love the booze aisle

Arrived safely but am tired. Went to Broncos for dinner and had a great time Today is a chill out day although I am typing this from the mother in-laws PC. You know there are some things that when you return to a country you really feel you have missed? Just little things like motel rooms, benches, Pak ‘n’ Save those sort of minimal things that somehow stir up a lot of emotions.

Well the day is still young and I have to keep on moving.
Take Care

Whitesnakes do it better ................when they are in NZ
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