Sunday, November 30, 2008

The battle rages on

religious words have so much to say,
yet war ‘n’ hate don’t go away,
take the words, and mix ‘em up,
a load of bullshit, is all ya got.

so many killed, so many died,
ask the question, there’s no reason why,
don’t talk to me of love for my fella man,
you use the faith and don’t give a damn.

living in fear, is all we got,
it’s all about, who gets the final shot,
don’t ask me to understand,
you are a killing field, killing every man.

there is no reason, for what you do,
be serious, i’m human, just like you,
annihilation is what you seek,
vestal virgins, need to stand and speak.

ya speak of death, and kill em all,
watch the mighty fall,
no one wins, yet the war goes on,
there is no road to glory,
the battle rages on!

Steve Boddey and Deep Purple’s The Battle Rages On
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