Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This is ME

Shortly I will be reaching a milestone in my life which sadly few have or will achieve. I don’t feel old yet the world we live in today tells a different story.

In today’s world, there is nobody more self-righteous or judgment that the generation we have at this time. Respect no longer holds any meaning, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and always the blame is laid at something or someone else’s feet.

A society with all of this bullshit political correctness; want us to be incumbent on our history, judging the past by today's standards. You can't judge the history of empires by the political correct influences of the present.

We are expected to conform to whatever is the flavor of the day, forgetting that conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. If one has a differing viewpoint same, guilt, grievance and in some cases, violence is used to enhance arguments.

The generation of today doesn't have any vestige of what was good or bad unless of course, it suits them. They believe everything they are fed without questioning, without challenging a different scenario.

One should never believe something because you want to believe it!

I am not complicit in what has gone before. I was not there; I live in the here and now. I will listen when you have something to say civilly and when you can respect a perspective that conflicts with your thoughts or beliefs without disrespecting mine.

When abuse, misinformation, shouting, ranting, raving, the use of violence and intimidation are your weapons of choice you then have no credence and no valid argument. Yet this is what the world is experiencing right here right now. We are encouraging a victimhood mentality using the young to enhance an agenda that is unhealthy and dangerous.

We have stifled free-thinking to the point that people are afraid to express themselves for fear of being ridiculed, harassed or threatened.

Sad really.

Author Steve Boddey.


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