Saturday, May 25, 2019

Climate Change New Zealand

I suppose we should add climate change to the list of subjects that will always trigger people's emotions. The same way people are triggered by discussions' on religion and politics.

The world's climate has always been changing; it does so every year, from winter to spring to summer than autumn and back to winter. Some years are hotter and some are colder. Over millions of year, the earth climate has constantly changed it is nothing new.

Here in New Zealand, the latest trend is for the youth of today to march in the streets with their banners both homemade or mass produced and protest climate change.

They shout about the end of the world telling anyone and everyone that the planet is doomed; carbon emissions are destroying the earth's atmosphere and we need to do something now before it is too late.

The climate change they are so concerned about started with an insatiable need for money and now governments want to combat by throwing more money at the problem.

One would think that with all the technology we have at our disposal we would be better at looking after our environment however it is that very technology that is also a major player actually causing the problem. 

Electric cars present us with a reasonable example. We eliminate the use of fossil fuel and the CO2 emissions yet these vehicles require rechargeable batteries made from lead-acid ("flooded", deep-cycle, and VRLA), NiCd, nickel–metal hydride, lithium-ion, Li-ion polymer, and, less commonly, zinc-air and molten-salt batteries. The next problem is where do we dispose of the out of date (due to new technology), defective or damaged batteries?

We need to look at all products produced by man plastics, concrete, steel even timber. The mass deforestation happening here in New Zealand should also be looked at but no.

We will watch our TV's, use our computers, then video the youth protesting on our mobile phones post to social media and expressing our concerns about the planet then as the hype settles and the council workers clear the rubbish left behind they will wait until next time the media needs an infusion of hysteria.

There will always be dissident voices in these matters each side sighting this article or that to make a point until those who believe are labeled hoax conspirators' and those unbelievers are said to be in denial or old people who don't care.

I wonder how many walked to the protest, left their phones at home and refused to wear clothing and footwear made in counties where carbon emissions are the worlds worst. I wonder how many did their homework and made an honest effort to gain as much information as possible from both points of view?

Until the government makes it the law to believe in climate change I do what I can and will keep an open mind.

Author Steve Boddey

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