Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Zealand Migrant Service Bans Christmas

Ok here we go again the Auckland Regional Migrant Service (Arms) has decided not to use the word Christmas as it doesn’t want migrants to feel excluded.

Christmas gets the heave ho is a deliberate attack on the Christian community and taking the lets not upset anyone society a step to far.

Dame Susan Devoy the Human Rights Commissioner states "Arms uses language that will encompass and include everyone: it is not designed to exclude any one."
Oh but it does, it excludes those who use the word Christmas!

The Anglican Dean of Auckland the Rev Jo Kelly-Moore suggests that people should be looking into the REAL message of the Christmas greeting "one of hope, peace, joy and love" in these troubled times.

As a Christian, I follow the meaning behind Christmas and I try to live by it not just one day a year but everyday.

Were these migrants not aware that New Zealand is a Christian country?

How can anyone be upset with the word Christmas? I don't celebrate Diwali nor Ramadan nor many other festive celebrations yet my Christmas, my festive event is stained with the ignorance of organisations trying to appease a few who should really be trying to integrate with New Zealand culture not the other way round.

Next they will be targeting Easter!

Author Steve Boddey

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