Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anxiety Dreams

I am not sure why I am dreaming so much. Maybe it is the medication or it could be my mind sorting out all that has gone before.

Last night it was a twelve foot alligator just wandering around snapping at things that had annoyed it. As I lay on the rock ledge I could see it coming towards me. It turned away at the sound of a monkey being cheeky or possibly shouting out in fear.

The huge tail swayed from side to side a few inches above me. As it turned back to face me I could smell it’s breathe; a foul sickening stench heaving and pulsating in the ancient shell.

I lit a flare and threw it as far as I could. The beast turned and slowly followed the glow into the darkness.

I woke up a tad sweaty but just fine.
Believe it or not.

Author Steve Boddey

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