Saturday, March 30, 2013

One week on

The wedding was set for 12:30pm Saturday 23rd of March 2013. We had organised everything ourselves  over the past 2 months which we thought may have been stressful but surprisingly it wasn't.
Coco does her inspection of the deck.
It rained early in the morning and the deck outside was wet but anyone who knows Auckland will know it drys out very quickly. The forecast temperature was 24C with sea breezes and it did not disappoint.
Doesn't KB look stunning!
It was comforting to have my brother and my sister in law here. They were fantastic as were Mike and Gill who supplied glasses and other items to help the day flow.
Will the ring fit?
The ceremony was quick (about 10mins) a fitting one that KB and I really enjoyed.

Now here is your ring!
Other than the usual nibbles, we cooked up some chicken nibbles using KB's Honey Soy recipe and my Cajun spice chicken recipe. Then came BBQ'ed sausages and steak and of course for desert trifle.
The wedding cake was simply an orange and lemon cake with cranberries and pecan nuts that I took from a chef over here known as Annabelle something. I just tweaked it a little to improve it.
Of course there were plenty of drinks and everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did.
Due to limited room we had 2 sessions, the main wedding and at 16:30pm we had drinks with the bride and groom.
Married to the beautiful KB .... DONE!
All in all it was a brilliant day that we shall remember for a very long time.

Whitesnakes do it better ............ yep he certainly does!

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