Sunday, March 17, 2013

COT to be Offended

"I am offended!"
Just what does that mean?

A Verb
Cause to feel upset. annoyed or resentful.
Be displeasing to: "the smell of smoke offended him"
So why did the cause effectively create upset, annoyance or resentment?
It did so because the receiver of said offense allowed it to! Why not ignore it and move on with life?
Oh no! We can't do that because we as humans, have to make a big song and dance about it! The offender has to accentuate the offense so as to highlight being offended and hence claim some high moral ground or stand.
What actually happens when one is offended? Does your hair fallout? Will your testicles or titties drop off? Is their going to be an affliction with some incurable disease? Are massive scarring of ones buttocks going to happen?
Being offended by something is just an excuse to be bigger asshole than the offender; and this world already has enough of them.
Get over it and stop worrying about it.
Get on an enjoy life because in youth we learn; in age we understand.
Or so the story goes!
What are you teaching your kids?
Whitesnakes do it better ...... when one is not offended!
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