Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Story Time Part 43

The story starts HERE
King of Dreams
Harry N Down

“Looks like I’m chef today.” Kev grins. “Apparently Mark here has no BBQ skills.”
The spread for dinner was fantastic.
There were various salads to go with the steak, sausages, burger patties and onions.
Kev and Mark actually worked together on the BBQ and did a brilliant job.

Everything tasted great and the company was full of life.
As the evening approached, we all sat out on the porch with a few nibbles and wine.
The conversation was light and funny.
Sandra and I shared the events of our internet relationship. A few tears shed as sunset made its presence felt.
I always find it amazing that every sunset has its own unique moment. This one was no exception.
A shooting star cruised above the final suns moment making for a very special moment for all of us. 

I woke to the smell of sizzling bacon and an assortment of other goodies.
“Morning mate. Did ya sleep well?” Kev asks as I stumble and mumble to grab a cup of tea.
“Like a baby!”
“Ya friends were really nice aye? That spread they put on was fantastic. Kind of a shame to say goodbye.”
“Yeah it was good. Nice ways ta end the trip.” I sip my tea and gaze out the window across the lake.
Pictures of home flood through my head.
“There ya go mate breakfast el la Kev.”
I turn around and grin. 

We spent the next few days lazing around before finally booking our trip home.
I just wanted to get on the plane and get back to familiar surroundings.
I must say the trip home was actually quite dull and unadventurous.
Minneapolis to LA, LA to Sydney, Sydney to Adelaide and eventually taxi to home.

It took a few days for us to settle down and get back to normal.
I had the sense to tell Crystal we were on the way home.
She was certainly excited.
“The house is neat and tidy. The garden needed a mow so I got Kev’s friend Jake to come over. I will pick up some milk and fresh bread and a little bit of shopping. I left the mail on the table. I have missed you and Kev.”
“We have missed you too Crystal see ya soon babe.” 

The house was as neat as a pin.
The fridge was full of stuff.
“Thought ya said she was doing a little shopping!”
“That’s what she said. I’ll fix her up for it when I see her.”
Kev goes to check the bar fridge.
“You ought to marry that woman Stevie boy!” Kev blurts out.
“What? Why?” I ask somewhat annoyed.
“She bloody well filled the bar fridge. Oh and looky here the wine rack is topped up. What a woman! If I weren’t gay I would marry her me self.”
Kev obviously is happy to be home.

To be continued  ............... HERE
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