Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Walkabout

He would about once a month plan to take her some where.
She had seen many sights and marvelled at the countries vastness. He would always try to make sure they were near the ocean. He knew she loved the sea.
One particular time he took to a resort.
After arriving the first night they settled in. Sleeping till nearly midday. It was unusual for him to sleep that long.
Although since they have been together she has found that he has settled. He is less stressed his anxieties are minimal and she has taught him to relax.
These are some of the things she has contributed. He always told her she had a calming influence on him.
She never really knew what it was but she loved being with him.
He remained the same man he was when they first met. There were just subtle changes in his behaviour and the way he approached things.
She also had made adaptions.
She wore clothes that she knew he liked.
Skirts and dresses that were a little bit shorter than she would like. Tops that showed more skin. She didn’t mind wearing such things when they were home but in public she became shy and reluctant. He wouldn’t push the point.
After brunch the check out the facilities.
They walked hand in hand. She knew how much he loved to feel her skin. She loved the way he would sneak his arm around her and steal a kiss.
Late afternoon he took her to the bar and they had a drink.
One of the staff approached him and whispered something in his ear.
She looked around the room at all the different people.
“You ready?” he asked.
“Yes.” She finished her drink and off they went.
On the way out he picked up a basket.
They headed off down the path and into a vast rainforest.
Rain was falling lightly. A fine misty rain that was warm and dry quickly once it hit the ground.
After about a 20 minute walk she could hear the sound of water crashing into rocks.
Just ahead the forest cleared into an opening. It was a huge lake with a waterfall continually filling it.
The sounds of wildlife were all around. I was almost like being in a zoo.
The water was crystal clear and warmed her feet when she dangled them at the waters edge. He opened the basket.
Placing a blanket on the grass he proceeded to place the seafood platter out. There were also assorted cheeses and crackers.
Small bottle of white wine, and of course a few bottles of beer.
She came and sat next to him her feet still wet. He handed her a towel.
They ate and talked as the evening light start to fade.
He looked at his watch.
“Quickly we must hurry.” He seemed to be quite troubled.
“Settle Darling.” She insisted then put her arms around him.
This always calmed him. How could it not? Such a beautiful, caring loving woman.
He pulled back. “Come on, you will love this.”
Collecting everything and putting it away. They headed off at a brisk pace.
Once again she heard the sound of water crashing against rocks.
This time it was more intense. Like thunder on a rainy day. The scent in the air gave away that the sea was not far away.
They came to a grassy area where he pulled out the blanket and laid it out for them to sit on.
She sat and he sat behind her. He poured her some wine.
They supped on the last of the food in the basket.
He told her to watch the horizon as the sunset.
He held her firmly but gently as the sunset.
The rays let out many different colours as it set.
The sounds of the waves crashing in against the rocks.
The colours of the sunset simmering as a back drop to the ocean.
The smell of the sea. These sensations, these feelings were intoxicatingly beautiful.
His kisses on her neck shoulders and cheek only added to the intenseness, the magic, the beauty of it all.
They sat there in silence. Only the sounds of nature were heard.
It was during this trip she understood why he had always said he would never find peace in his life until he had her by his side.

Whitesnakes do it better ............when you walkabout a different way
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