Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdays Layback

Let us layback on Saturdays!

Let's face it there are too many wankers in the world so lets get rid of any fanatical religious people as a matter of fact we could included organisations that insight hatered, all murderers, rapists, druggies and child molesters and of course vegans (The enviromental terrorists)

Now the world is a better safer place. I feel so much better,
Work has settled into a steady shift and last weekend was wonderful spending time with KB and of course her parents on Mothers Day.

I finally got one of my workmates recipes up on Simply Delish which I must say is a relief as I had promised to do it some time back. A chinese recipe.

The weather here has not been conducive to Walkabout but KB and I are commited to doing something every weekend I have off which of course will be everyone. (weekend that is)

The weekend started out as a shocker. In 15 mins we had the most stressful experience possible but we survived.

Of course Blogger broke down and I lost a few of my posts but it is finally the weekend and I have two whole days with KB and the dog of eternal stench who at the moment is very sick. So sick she is just laying in bed sleeping.
However it appears that opening the fridge door and removing food soon gets Coco to jump out of bed and spring into action!

Well peeps it is time ta lay back and relax.......
Have a great weekend

Whitesnakes do it better ..................... Hell Yeah!
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