Monday, May 30, 2011

Mondays Manic Moments (Changing People)

I was for quite a while some one who struggled to be heard in this vast world of ours.
I felt restricted and hemmed in in everything I did. I felt the need for acceptance whenever I ventured out of my comfort zone, whenever I tried to excel at anything.
The trouble was that this behaviour was actually destroying the very person I wanted to be.
Kelvin the KIwi

The life I live now gives me everything I want and more. It allows me to venture anywhere at any time with no expectations nor limitations other than those I impose upon myself.
The outside world still interferes from time to time however KB and I are slowly ridding ourselves of those things that turned us away from ourselves.

To glance back and see the changes that have occurred over the last couple of years in both KB and I makes one sit back and look gobsmacked at how far we have come and what we have achieved in such a short period of time.
Whilst shopping with KB a song was playing and I nonchalantly asked her if it was Adam Lambert singing. She smiled that cheeky smile and confirmed that it was indeed him.
Later on I asked KB if she knew that Kim Kardashain was getting married with that KB laughed out loud and told me I had become her and that her job was now complete.

KB and Whitesnake
When KB started her 30 days to a happier healthier me I certainly encouraged her to follow it through and am always supportive of what ever she wishes to do however it seems to rub off on both me and Coco Belle and that is not a bad thing at all.
Because we share so much we both find we take on certain habits each of us has.
Eating healthier and exercising sharing our dreams and blogging together all have helped to change our lives and make both of us better people.

We shared the concept of Simply Delish and it has developed into a couple of spin offs like Tuesdays Tantalising Tastes and Whats with the meat.
My blog has become a post a day blog setting up each day with a theme like todays Monday's Manic Moments through to Saturday's Layback and of course I have to give a plug for my Sunday Story Time which will be finishing soon.

We both have a great aventure ahead and are excited at the plans we have made. (Which of course we will be sharing at a later date.)

So for now I have to go and get changed as we are going out.

Whitesnakes do it better ............... for a change!
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