Friday, April 15, 2011

Canadian Dry Rub

I have always been a bit sceptical about poliical correctness.
I find that it has gone way beyond over the top.
It has taken itself to a point where no one can do anything without offending someone.

Here's the rub
"I am offended that you are offended."

Let's talk about the Canadian Dry Rub.
This happens when a male/female places them selves up against their partners butt, and then proceeds to hump the partner or pretend to.There is no inserting of any said appendage nor play object this is cuddle time.
This action usually lasts a good 20secs before all parties become bored unless it is used as foreplay before the real deal around the front.

SEE.........notice how political correctness entered this post without me even knowing.

Let's just face it a Canadian Dry Rub is a bit of polictical correctness gone too way to far and detracts from the orginal sayinga "dry root" (root being slang for making z luvvvvvvve)

The term dry rub on the other hand was I thought  actually something you do to meat with a variety of spices.

That meat of course, being the meat you eat not the wee sasuage between ya thighs.

So how the hell does that marry up with a root?

Consider the dry rub/dry root or Dr for short .... what if you use a bit of lube to stop chaffing?
Dry rub or dry root?
Does the fact that sweat down the butt cheeks may assist with friction but does it actually constitute a DRY rub/root?
Does having Dr in front of your name now make you stop and wonder?

For all the good intentions politically correct persons should be taken out the back and shot.

Next they will be demanding that everyone speak french.

Whitesnakes do it better ...... when ya live in NZ but think ya in Canada
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