Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been working some weird and wonderful shifts and I would suggest that ya never, ever do a split shift!
Not sure if it’s old age starting ta creep up on me or the fact that I am increasing my work load or even the fact that I haven’t worked this long in a few years. Not that it really matters my time management still sucks. My writing output is almost zero and my sleeping is inconsistent with my requirements. To top that off, I still feel trapped, stifled by the system that I was suppose ta be out of three weeks ago.
It appears I have become a stranger to some friends and family. Remaining distant and reclusive to a certain degree. Whether this is good or not, I don’t know. It seems ok to me yet to some I have become different. I enjoy the way I am evolving, the way I am growing.
Why hold back now? Why not move ahead full steam. Take chances. Experience the thrill of the unknown.
I am a stranger to friends and family but I am no stranger to myself.
Steve Boddey Nov 2008
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