Thursday, May 23, 2019

The AFL Swamp

For quite some time the hierarchy of the AFL has been constantly bringing the game into disrepute yet have never been held accountable. 

They are very quick to penalise players, change rules, call out fans of the game while simply snubbing off criticisms of their own inability  to be fair and consistent.

The AFL has for a long time quietly brought in a religious aspect into play. Stop and think about the recent events, the 666 rule, a satanic symbol, the Carlton FC cheer squad being called out for chanting about the umpires’ sexual activities. (OK they chanted “Umpires a wanker”)

Those of us brought up with Christian values all know that too much masturbation (wanking) will make you go blind and yet when umpires blatantly misinterpret the rules or more often than not make inconstant rulings, to then call the umpire a wanker is now not acceptable?

Recently a player tried to climb and shake a goalpost while a player was about to kick for goal; which is a clear violation of the rules and should have been a free kick directly in front of goals, but no, the umpire took it upon himself to change the rule and gave a warning instead. This umpiring decision which has now been OK'ed by the AFL could now be applied to all AFL rules.

The AFL hierarchy needs to be held accountable for its in competence. It messes with the rules of the game every year for no other reason than to highlight its own self importance. 

They changed from 3 to 4 umpires simply so the crowd couldn’t chant the phrase “3 blind mice’. They also introduced women goal umpires for no other reason than to prevent the crowd from chanting “How big’s your dick” every time a goal is scored.

As much as I love Aussie Rules the AFL hierarchy is slowly squeezing the life out of this great game.

Author Steve Boddey

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