Sunday, June 7, 2020

It is NOT about George Floyd, it never was.

The murder of a black American man by those supposed to serve and protect is indeed tragic and I do not in any way condone it.


I don’t care what the colour of your skin is or your religion, your perceived oppression, your ethnicity, whether you are a minority, brown-skinned, the white majority or trailer trash NOTHING gives you the right to riot, loot, steal, rob, bash, destroy property, beat women, rape, stab, carry firearms knives and machetes, deal drugs, shoot people, threaten harm, drive at reckless speed through suburban streets, spend your money on your next high instead of feeding your child, shoplift, trash houses, dump rubbish, abuse pets, carjack, assault first responders, disobey laws and authorities and generally terrorise the neighbourhood. 

It is not OK! 
You ARE the problem! 
You are nothing more than lowlife scum! 

Don’t think that I am just talking about what’s happening in America, this is happening in my hood, my street, my neighbourhood and it will be coming soon to yours. 

Please don’t tell me they are “oppressed minorities” as our neighbourhood is also full of peaceful, decent law-abiding minorities.  
In fact, there are many amazing and loving “minorities” within my own family. 

Don’t tell me I’m being “difficult” and lecture me on injustices especially after we have had yet another sleep disrupted night because of drugged-out or drunken arseholes fighting in the street. 

Don’t try to inform me how many indigenous are in custody. I have lost count of how many times I have seen some arrested, trust me, they are not innocent. 

Do not mention “white privilege” to me. I grew up in Elizabeth, South Australia a migrant town where families came from war-torn countries on the other side of the world with only a few possessions. There “privilege” was having a loving descent father who bought his whole paycheck home instead of pissing it all away at the pub.   

This is not about BLACK versus WHITE it’s about GOOD versus EVIL. 

It’s about DECENCY and RESPECT. 

(If you want to bring about change, be respectful. Teach your children respect. Show respect for property, authority, the environment and your country) 

Author a friend.

It should be noted that the previous weekend in Chicago ten black people were murdered by other black people.
Why was there no outrage?

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